Alaska Fishing Lodges – There is a difference

Recently we attended our first sports trade shows in Long Beach and Del Mar.  While attending these shows I was able to review some of the other Alaska lodges and outfitters in Alaska and BC.  Some of what I reviewed astonished me.  Let me explain.

Alaska and BC are very difficult places to research and understand if you are planning a fishing trip or vacation.  There are hundreds of travel options with a host of facilities that call themselves “Alaska lodges”. 

On the internet they all show fish and show you photos of what you want to see.  The truth is, there are vast differences, but it’s hard to pull the truth out of what is being presented.

At the trade shows, I expected to see a more realistic view of what each lodge really offered and expected to see some examples of the truth.  Boy was I wrong!  Some of the booths and displays were elaborate and provided a complete distortion of the real physical offering and the service offering.  In fact, some of the booth displays were nicer than the actual facilities being sold. I found myself being embarrassed for the industry and feeling sorry for the consumer. 

There were some (very few) reputable companies who not only represented themselves correctly, but delivered a quality presentation while representing their lodge in a truthful manner.  One lodge in particular was Kingfisher Charters in Sitka.  Kingfisher is a fine operation and is one of the larger outfitters in the Sitka area.  Kingfisher’s booth presented exactly what Kingfisher offers – this is how it’s supposed to be.

Unfortunately, there were so many other Alaska fishing lodges that flat out misrepresented their offering and services.  And in the end, the visitor to these properties is the real loser.  Fortunately, Alaska by itself provides an experience of a lifetime.

At Talon Lodge, we make it our mission to present exactly what we have and never present a photo or marketing message that is not the complete and total truth.  All of our photos are real, not doctored or enhanced.  All of what you read or see on our web site or in our brochure is exactly what you will receive at Talon Lodge.    I love it when a guest comes to me and says “this is exactly what we expected!”



Talon Lodge Visiting Chef Series creates a gourmet culinary experience in Alaska

Salmon Fishing

Sitka Alaska has long been known as having the best Salmon Fishing in Alaska.  Now, Sitka can boast the finest cuisine in Alaska.

The Talon Lodge Visiting Chef Series is the most unique culinary series being offered in Alaska as well as the Pacific Northwest.  Talon Lodge continues to host the world’s most renowned chefs to pair their skills with Alaska’s fresh seafood to create exclusive gourmet dinners for only 16 guests.  These private dinners are hosted by the Award-winning Chef and provide an Alaska Fishing Lodge experience that is unmatched in Alaska.

Great Sport Fishing is still the primary reason for selecting an Alaska Lodge, but the addition of the Talon Lodge Visiting Chef Series provides anglers with a distinct difference between a good Alaska Fishing experience and a great Alaska Fishing experience.Alaska Fishing Lodge

Imagine your Alaskan Vacation with Chef Sam Choy of Hawaii or Chef John Ash from California’s Wine Country hosting your private dinner.

In addition to hosting the Talon Lodge gourmet dinners, the Visiting Chefs experience the best Sitka Fishing has to offer all of the guests at Talon.  Chef Eddie Matney, of Scottsdale, loves the Fly Fishing experience for Steelhead, Sockeye or Silvers.  James Beard Award Winning Chef, Robert McGrath’s wife Amy still holds the Talon Lodge Women’s record for Halibut Fishing, with here 325lb catch in 2006.

In 2008, Talon Lodge guests will be hosted by Chef Sam Choy of Hawaii, Chef Pascal Vignau of San Diego, Chef Eddie Matney of Scottsdale, and Chef Scott Leysath of the HuntFishCook TV Show.

At Talon Lodge you’ll find that not all Alaskan Vacations are the same.  Sitka Fishing is the best fishing in Alaska, and Talon Lodge provides its guests with an unmatched Alaska Lodge experience.  When you combine Alaska Fishing with gourmet cuisine prepared by the greatest chefs in the world, there is nothing that compares.

Talon Lodge offers the best salmon fishing according the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Sport Fishing

In an ongoing study of Alaska Sport Fishing and the average rod hours it takes for a sport fisherman to catch an Alaska King Salmon or Alaska Silver Salmon, Sitka again ranks first as the best Salmon Fishing destinations throughout Alaska.

The most recent study states that Sitka Fishing is almost twice as productive as the closest rival destination.  The average rod hours for catching a King Salmon in June are less than 5-hours.  The average rod hours for catching a Silver Salmon in August are less than 2 hours.  By contrast, the average rod hours for catching a King Salmon in Juneau are 9 hours

When is the best time for anglers to visit Talon Lodge and fish for Kings?

According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, in their annual report for the Sitka Fishing area:  Fishing improves greatly with the spring weather in late April, but prime time is from late May through the month of June.  Anglers targeting King Salmon may have catch rates of just under 5-hours per fish harvested (0.2 fish per hour) in June.  Catch rates fall with the beginning of the commercial troll fishery in July, although good king salmon fishing continues throughout the summer.Salmon Fishing

Alaska fishing in Sitka provides for King Salmon bound for spawning grounds and weighing up to 70 lbs from April through June.  The average catch is 25 to 30 lbs.

From July through September, Silver Salmon (Coho) are the most plentiful sport fish caught in the Sitka Sound area.  Coho Salmon start showing up in June, but really start to group in July.  According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Their availability and catch rates rise through Mid-August.  In early to mid-September they start to head toward their home streams and congregate near the estuaries they left as smolt 17 months earlier.

This migration provides Talon Lodge guests with two great fishing opportunities.  The saltwater fishing for Silver (Coho) Salmon is fantastic with less than 2 rod hours per fish and the freshwater Fly Fishing is also fantastic.  Whether you are a saltwater sport fishing enthusiast or an avid fly fisherman, the Coho fishing provided by Talon Lodge is unmatched.

In addition to Alaska’s best salmon fishing, Talon, an Alaska Lodge, provides a Sitka fishing experience that includes Halibut Fishing from May through September;  Ling Cod Fishing from May 15-June 15 and again from August 15 through September 15; Yellow-Eye Fishing from May through September; and Alaska Rockfish from May through September.

Talon Lodge also provides the most exclusive Alaska Fishing Lodge experience with exceptional gourmet cuisine, gracious accommodations and a spectacular private island location.